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2018 Has Arrived, Time to Review Your Financial Plans and Reduce Debts!

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2018 Has Arrived, Time to Review Your Financial Plans and Reduce Debt.

As January begins, and the Holiday Hangover has subsided, many of us can look forward to receiving those Huge Credit Card Bills! Yes, dear readers, this is often a time of new beginnings with new debts. So, what to do about it? Most of those I speak to hadn’t planned on having new huge debts to tackle, before the big February football final down south…

The task can seem daunting, stressful and overwhelming… Fear Not! a simple strategy mixed with desire to return to wealth is easier to achieve than one might believe.

You are not alone; many people never learned how to manage debt and maximize wealth in school. Most people learned their personal financial skills from a variety of sources that; either extended more credit, thus making the problem worse by giving them a bigger shovel to dig a deeper hole, or encouraged them to buy something on the never-never plan at 0% financing. Or perhaps a well meaning family member who also had poor financial management skills… Seem familiar?

This is the perfect time to review all your debts and expenditures and work with a certified professional on minimizing the impact to your future wealth.

Q 1.) What is your real mid term goal? a new kitchen? a boat? a trip around the world? you get the picture… Do you have a plan in place to finance that goal?

Q 2.) What is preventing you from realizing that goal?

Q 3.) Would you be interested in working with a professional to help you get there?

As a Certified Behavioural Cash Flow Specialist™, I am trained to help people reach their goals and build their wealth by creating a personalized Behavioural Cash Flow Plan™.  This strategy helps reduce inefficient debt and build wealth faster than trying to go it alone… Thus, finding financial freedom faster!

Behavioural Cash Flow Plan™ is NOT a budget. It is a plan that helps manage your day-to-day cash flow. It is a plan that considers financial obligations. A Behavioural Cash Flow Plan™ also provides guidance on future costs like purchasing your next vehicle, handling emergencies and planning for major expenses such as renovations. Most importantly, a Behavioural Cash Flow Plan™ quickly helps you FIND the money to fund your short-term dreams while saving for the future.

 10 Reasons for A Behavioural Cash Flow Plan™


1.  Your retirement plan is not fully funded, meaning you can’t prove for sure that you have enough to retire.

2. Your retirement goals and plans are based on replacing a percentage of pre-retirement income rather than based on your actual expenses projected into the future.

3. You have not maxed out your Tax-Free Savings Account.

4. You take out car loans and you are 10 years into your career.

5. You have a major life goals that require saving for.

6. You’ve turned down insurance recommendations, because they are cost prohibitive.

7. You have withdrawn money from an investment, or stopped an investment strategy, for reasons or purposes other than what that money was being accumulated for.

8. You are not stinking rich and cannot burn money for fun.

9. You are retiring in the next 10 years and will have to live at least partially off invested assets.



The fact is, most people need a Behavioural Cash Flow Plan™ and rarely have one. Instead, we most often deal with issues of cash flow after trouble has already hit. We buy the fire extinguisher when the house is already engulfed in flames. So, get a Behavioural Cash Flow Plan™ now, because everyone can use one, and you’ll be on the road to financial freedom.

Stephen J. Hall, CCS™ is a Certified Cash Flow Specialist™ From the Money Finder, A Financial Training Company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

 To Book an Appointment for a 15 Minute telephone consultation email: info(at)sjhfinancial(dot)ca or visit

Stephen Hall is a licensed Financial Security Advisor in Quebec and Ontario, Canada.

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