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Upcoming Workshop: Outsmart and Beat Your Debts! Workshop with Lama Farran, Money Coach and Stephen J. Hall, Financial Security Advisor

Presented by SJH Financial – Building & Preserving Wealth Series


In this workshop, you will uncover:

  • How to recognize the myths and pitfalls that trap people in debt.
  • How to climb your way out of debt
  • How to stay out of debt and live with peace of mind


September 23, 2014. Holiday Inn, Pointe-Claire, 7PM
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About Lama Farran



Lama Farran is a personal finance coach, based in Montreal. Unlike a traditional financial planner, she does not sell any financial product. Instead, she guides her clients on their path to financial stability and empowers them with the knowledge required to take control of their personal finances. Through one-on-one coaching sessions, she uncovers their spending habits and establishes realistic budgets that fit each client’s unique lifestyle. She ensures they are progressing in the right direction through regular follow-ups. She is known for her empathetic and professional approach, which makes talking about money challenges feel therapeutic.


Before embarking on this journey, Lama earned a Bachelor of Commerce and a Graduate Certificate in Finance from McGill University, followed by a Master’s degree in International Accounting and Finance from the London School of Economics in England. She has also completed a series of personal finance and investment courses through the Institute of Canadian Bankers. She enjoyed 8 years of professional experience at the Royal Bank of Canada and Bank of Montreal. Her banking experience included several positions ranging from corporate lender, to branch manager and Wealth Management Director. However, she was only satisfied professionally when she combined her finance knowledge with her passion to genuinely help people with their finances and their budget needs specifically.


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What others have said about Lama:


” It’s been a month since I met with Lama and WOW what a change in my money perspective ! I now take a minute longer before making a purchase and I ask myself the question “do I want this or do I want to retire on a beach sooner?  I have implemented many of her suggestions already: 1. I met with a rep from my bank and made a retirement plan, 2. Paid off 100% of my credit card 3. Booked a meeting with my RRSP and RESP broker to put money aside more regularly.  I am VERY focused on paying off my line of credit and getting to that warm spot sooner!  Thank you so much Lama!”


D.W. Entrepreneur


“Thank you again for our financial session. It was extremely helpful and informative, and I feel a great sense of relief that I am finally doing something to deal with my financial situation. It was also very therapeutic to talk about my money challenges without feeling judged. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me — to help me finally take action to deal with my financial problems. I feel so relieved that I can now begin to get my life back under control”.


P.S. Administrative Assistant